Andis AGC Super 2-speed Professional clippers review

Andis Agc Super Clippers Review

Available in a number of colours, these dog clippers really are up there with the very best available.

Used by dog groomers the world over due to their power, ease of use and their range of features. These are classed as professional quality and as such they have a higher price tag. However, this price tag is justified.

They’re both quiet and comfortable to hold and give your pet pooch an even, high quality cut. Although they’re priced over £100, you will quickly get a return on your investment, with the savings you’ll definitely be making by NOT having to visit a professional dog groomer.

Gliding their way through your dogs fur

The clippers have 2 different speed settings and depending on the breed and coat of your pet pooch – you adjust the speed accordingly. The clippers glided through both the mattings and knots of our dogs.


They’re a heavy duty set of clippers but they’re wonderfully lightweight and easy to use. They were designed to provide both the user and pet comfort and Andis have most definitely succeeded!

They’re also very quiet. Meaning that even nervous dogs shouldn’t get too rattled or alarmed.

Selection of blades are available

You can use blades from the following ranges:

  • Andis Ultraedge blades
  • Andis Ceramic edge blades
  • Andis EGT blades
  • Andis showedge blades
  • Or any other type of blade that is ‘A5’

Range of clours available

  • Burgundy (pictured) – click here for more information
  • Purple – click here for more information
  • Green – click here for more information
  • Orange – click here for more information
  • Pink – click here for more information

We rated the Andis AGC Super 2-speed clippers number one in our dog grooming clippers roundup earlier in the year.