Best Dog Clippers

Best Dog Clippers

Our roundup up of the best clippers for your pet pooch

If you’re interested in managing your dog’s (or any pet for that matter) coat regularly, whether you are a professional or an individual, then choosing the best dog clippers to suit your budget is essential.

When choosing pet grooming clippers, there are a few things to consider. Our buying guide covers these points in more detail.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, with different hair types too. This means you’ll need something that can play well with the hair type and length of your breed of pooch.

There are a lot of factors you should take into consideration when choosing a set of professional dog clippers for your doggy. Some of them are: the rotation per minute, the size of blades, temperature and noise output. All these things matter, whether you want to groom your dog at home or if you want to choose the best clippers for professional dog grooming.

Our clipper reviews show you what other dog owners think of their dog clippers. This section of the website gives you a one-stop place to find out which manufacturers have received the best reviews from real dog owners.


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Factors to consider when choosing pet & dog clippers.

1. Cordless dog clippers

Cordless dog clippers were introduced to replace the cable clippers to offer more comfort, flexibility and another option. They use a rechargeable battery which substitutes the need for the power cable.

The drawback of cordless are that they have limited charge time. A charge of 30% or less can affect  your finish.

2. Ergonomics

A cordless shaver tends to be larger and heavier than their corded counterpart option, due to large battery and motor power packs being attached. The issue of weight makes the work harder and heavier on the groomers wrist, especially if you have to work on several dogs. Rechargeable shavers are more suited for personal dog grooming needs.

The other problem is that a set of battery based are louder and vibrate more. However, it is still possible for a groomer to have the two types of dog clipper / dog trimmers. Rechargeable ones can be used for puppies and calmer dogs, that require less intricacy with less needs.

Low noise is also very important – too much noise can make your dog nervous and make grooming that little bit more difficult, so if you’re dog is nervous, make sure low noise clippers are at the top of your wish list! Our list of pet hair clippers has you covered.

3. Blades

Blades are the heart of the whole grooming and clippers process. They are designed to fit in a given set of clippers. When making your order, ensure what you requested will fit in your set of animal clippers.

Also, ensure the blades you are buying are of your required length. The length determines the size of the pet hair left on the skin. Fortunately, all this information is readily available before you make your purchase.

Finally, ensure your blades come with an attachment comb. This additional device enables you to groom your dog at different hair grades, giving you a variety of cuts. Remember variety is the spice of life!

Choose the right material of your blade to get the best set of dog clippers for you. Depending on the nature of your cut, you can use the ceramic disposable ones or the aluminum variety that are durable. 

Keep reading to find out more about each of the entries in our top 10 (literally whittled down from 100’s of the best dog grooming clippers) and find out which are the very best corded clippers and the best cordless dog clipper. 

#1 Andis Agc – Best Professional Dog Clippers.


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The Andis Agc Super 2 speed Professional dog clippers are a marvel of the dog clipping world! Super quiet, ergonomic (easy to handle), with exceptional power and can accommodate any A5 set of blades. The dog clippers ship with a number 10 blade that spares 1.6mm of hair.

Best professional dog clippers by a wide margin. They cut well, are quiet at a fair price – what isn’t to love? They do EVERYTHING the right way and do everything you’d expect from our #1 pick.

We’ve used cheaper price sets and they’re no where near the quality of these. Cheaper sets are a false economy and should be avoided. 

These best professional clippers are fantastic, with a great cutting motor, low noise level and detachable blade. Precision grooming has never been so good. They are everything you need in high quality clippers.

The Andis dog clippers are fantastic for variety and motor power and speeds. They come with two-speed choices (330 and 4000 strokes per minute) and they’re available in many different colours. Strong enough for matted pet hair.

Wonderful for grooming dogs because of their low noise level and low vibration, meaning even nervous dogs can handle the dog grooming process. They’re also fantastic at reducing hand fatigue.

And the blade… oh, the beautiful, wonderful detachable blade. It cuts through even the thickest of thick coats. Who needs scissors? Grooming made easy.

We rate this pair as our number 1 best dog hair trimmers on our round up! Check out our in-depth review of the Andis 2 speed clippers or head on over to our roundup of the best Andis Dog Clippers available today!

#2 Wahl Super Groom Clippers


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There has been a wired version of these professional dog clippers for many years and whilst they’re excellent – they come with one irritating problem – the very HEAVY cable! Wahl decided to do something about this and released the “heavy cable-less” Wahl super groom clippers set and they ship with a rechargeable battery (and even has a spare)! The absolute best cordless set of clippers available today!

These professional Clippers have comparable clipping motor power to its mains powered older sibling (its cutting motor speeds are just as good). They’re light, run very cool and quiet, making an easier time of pet grooming. They even ship with a cleaning brush. Oh and they ship with a wonderful charging storage case.

It handily ships with 2 batteries and each one lasts between 30-45 minutes of clipping, so when one battery dies, slip the other in whilst the other battery recharges. And with a charge time of circa 35 minutes, you’ll never have to sit around waiting! The 2 batteries allow for continuous clipping. Awesome power considering they’re cordless. Whilst not ranked as the best dog clippers, they are very high up in our list.

This pair comes with the smart Sensacharge charger, designed to boost battery life and maintain a great condition of the batteries.

Designed for the professional groomer (and those that don’t want to use scissors), breeder or the owner of dogs with thick coats and great if you have dogs (as in more than one). Being cordless – they’re easy to use to trim your pets hair.

Whilst these are 1 speed clippers, the benefit of portability and no HEAVY cable make them a GREAT buy. One of the very best set of pet clippers available.



Cleaning Brush

#3 The Wahl Multi Cut Dog Trimmer 


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The Wahl Multi-Cut are the most economical pair as they’re available at slightly less than the low price of £50, so firmly aimed at the home dog groomers rather than the professional. It’s their budget friendly price that have them so high up our best dog clippers list.

This clipper is limited to smaller dogs that have smooth fur that is not too thick. They’re not a heavy duty set but are the best cheap dog clippers available today. It is simply a GREAT price tag for quality clippers.

However, this device has the advantage that it comes with a DVD for more instruction in a fun pack. Also, the fact that it produces less noise and vibration makes it easier to groom and cut your dogs fur as it reduces irritation to the skin.

They also ship with an assortment of guide combs. Great option if a low price point is vital.

Doggy Planet’s verdict: Great value for money Dog clippers – perfect for home use.



#4 Laube iVac Vacuum Dog Clipper 2-Speed Kit


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Hoover it up as you go!! The most comfortable set of pet clippers to use on our list and perfect for dog grooming.

That’s right – a professional grade set of dog clippers, that clean as you clip and cut your pooches fur (no need for a cleaning brush)! Makes them the ideal dog hair clippers for dogs with thick hair.

The genius thing about these clippers is the fact that you can attach them to the hose of almost any vacuum because the included Adapters accommodate most basic vacuums.

The Laube iVac Vacuum Dog Clipper is light, compact, professional, packed with power and easily held and moved around meaning they’re very easy to use. The Quick-disconnect, swivel vacuum tube attaches to the rear of the hair clipper providing obstruction-free working.

This set of dog clippers are also excellent for other animals who’s hair you need to cut. If you’re a professional groomer – these pet clippers are an absolute MUST!

No hair, no mess – stress free clipper kit grooming (and they look great) … BUT at a PRICE! One of the very best dog grooming clippers available today.

Click here to read our full review of these top bit of dog grooming kit. You’ll be one happy dog owner.



#5 WAHL Dog Clippers, KMSS – Thick Coat Bundle


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The super-quiet and powerful Wahl KM SS Pro Clippers are perfect for every owner. They are suitable for all dogs, including those with thick or matted hair. The KM SS clippers have been manufactured with a special design which makes it light, but also strong and fast enough to handle any type of coat.

This dog clipper is great for those who want to give their furry friend a comfortable, fuss-free haircut. It is designed with durability, comfort, and ease of use in mind. This has led to a product that makes your grooming experience more relaxing for both you and your dog.



Dog Hair Clipppers

#6 Wahl Dog Clippers Kit SS Pro


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The Wahl SS Pro grooming kit of professional dog clippers are a quiet, lot’s of power pet grooming kit and clipper with a high capacity that can be used on any coat (even  thick hair) and breed of dog.

They are easy to handle and gentle on your hands leaving you no pain on your wrist, hands or fingers.

The cutting length of these professional dog clippers are standardised to 0.7mm though this figure can be adjusted to 3mm, 10mm or 16mm with the aid of the attachment comb guides (and excellent clipper blades as standard) that ship with these grooming clippers.

They’re also lightweight meaning hand fatigue is kept to a minimum. A huge advantage for both you and your pet.

These could have easily been our top choice – they’re that good. The lack of choice with regards to colours available are what stopped these dog clippers from being our top pick, other than the Andis 2 speed, these are way ahead of the rest of the pack with regards to your needs. They even ship with a cleaning brush making them fantastic for home use. Everything other than a carry case has been covered.

Ideal for hair of all thickness and breeds. Combine these clippers with scissors and you have the perfect grooming kit for groomers.



#7 Andis RACD Dog Grooming Clippers


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This is a lightweight and compact clipper that comes with attachment comb guides to give you a grooming length of between 1.6mm to 25.4mm, helping you achieve the length of hair you’re after.

It has a comfortable feel in the hands, and the attachment combs are easy to change by pressing a button.

They’re easy to use and have everything you need except…. The only thing they don’t ship with is a storage case 🙁

The design is an ergonomic one that fits comfortably in either hand, however there are better alternatives in our best dog clippers roundup.



#8 Andis Pro-Pet Deluxe Pet Clippers Kit


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This Andis Pro Pet animal clipper is conducive for those learning to groom dogs and animals but have limited experience but want a pair of professional pet clippers. They’re ideal for purchase for use on clean coats and fine fur around the ears, faces, and paws. They’re not ideal for thick fur.

It has a number 10 blade though fur clipping that can be adjusted to 13mm, 10mm, 6mm,and 3 mm with the assistance of the attachment combs (4 comb attachments in total), helping you achieve the hair length you’re after (just to note again, they’re not great with thick fur).

This device has a high motor speed of 3,000 strokes per minute, and its weight and ergonomic properties make it easy to handle. With all these features, the professional market is what these are aimed for.



Brushless motor pet clipper

#9 Masterclip Pedigree Pro For the Professional Dog Groomer

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The Masterclip Pedigree pro professional is a powerful two speed Rotary motor, ideal for professional dog groomers. It has 2 speed settings of 2300 RPM and 2900 RPM. The blade is made from high quality 30F German steel blade and ships with comb guards for lengths of 6mm, 10mm, 13mm and 16mm.

Priced at just under £100 – these are a great purchase. They have a professional feel. The comb guards are great for use with varying breeds and allow you to choose the mot suitable for lengths for grooming your dog.

One of our students uses these grooming clippers for their 6 dog’s hair and they have lasted in excess of one year (so far). They report that they can clip their spaniels within one hour (10 minutes per dog!). They had previously used cheap dog hair clippers that didn’t last all that long. 

Verdict: Great price (saving you money) for a professional set clippers.



Frequently Asked Questions

Dog Grooming Clippers – are they really different to human clippers?

Dog clippers are designed and engineered very differently from human hair clippers.

For example, the blades used in dog clippers are wider than those used in human clippers, making them more forgiving.

The internal motor speed is lower for dog clippers than for human clippers. This lower speed causes the blades to rotate more slowly, which makes the resultant noise caused by blade rotation less than that of a comparable human clipper. These factors contribute not only to the comfort of your dog but also to less fatigue on your part during grooming sessions.

I already own dog grooming clippers – they don’t cut my dog’s coat very well – why?

Sharp blades are a must for your dog’s coat, but just as important is maintaining the motor of your dog clippers. If not properly maintained, they can overheat as a result of poor ventilation or even just because of aging and this can reduce their performance and result in dog fur looking messy and unkept. Clipper oil is also a must for general maintenance and some of these dog trimmers even come with a cleaning brush and other grooming tools, almost like a pet grooming kit!

Ensure your dog clipper blades are properly cleaned and if the blades need replacing – get them replaced. This can be cheaper than purchasing a brand new set of dog grooming clippers.

Should I be sharpening the blades?

Whether you have the most expensive dog clippers in the world or a cheap low-quality dog clipper, we can guarantee that if you don’t see your blades getting sharpened regularly, then your dog clipper will certainly suffer from reduced performance.

This finishes our roundup of the best dog clippers UK available today and everything in between. We believe our pet clipper list will make your search much easier and find what’ perfect for your dog coat.

While, there are lots of choices from different companies, we’ve taken the time to create this list because it was important to us that we could provide you with a good source that does all the hard work for you.

If you think there other products or another grooming clipper deserves to be on this list – please let us know by way of email!


Watch the video below for a quick visual guide on how to groom your dog at home.

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