Laube iVac Clippers Review


Hoover it up as you go!!

That’s right – a professional grade set of dog clippers, that clean as you clip!

The genius thing about these clippers is the fact that you can attach them to the hose of almost any vacuum because the included Adapters accommodate most basic vacuums.

The Laube iVac Vacuum Clipper is light, compact and easily held and moved around. The Quick-disconnect, swivel vacuum tube attaches to the rear of the clipper providing obstruction-free working.

The airflow keeps the blades cool and maintains the sharpness of the blade, all whilst keeping the clipper cool whilst in your hand. The vacuum system draws away fur/hair whilst cutting and it also removes parasites! The result is cleaner air for you and your dog(s). The ultimate in cleaner clipping!

This set of clippers are also excellent for other animals that you may or may not have. If you’re a professional groomer – these clippers are an absolute MUST!

Time is money

You can feel the power from the moment you turn these clippers on. The first thing that you’ll notice is the speed of the clipping. Other Clippers just aren’t as fast.

This is due to the SPM (Strokes Per Minute) of the Laube Clippers – they operate between 4,000 and 10,000 SPM. Making the Laube clippers the most powerful and fastest brand of clippers available.

You should always compare SPM’s on any clipper – especially if you’re a dog grooming professional.

Patented body shape

These clippers have an absolutely amazing grip. They’re easy to hold onto with push and grip points, helping to reduce aches, stress, carpel tunnel and repetitive motion issues for the user.

They’re small but incredibly well made and sturdy, making the clipping of your pooches underbelly easy!

Blades stay sharper for even longer

The blades on a Laube clipper stay sharper up to 10 times longer (this is a claim made by Laube and unfortunately we are unable to quantify this).

If the claim holds up to be true, the user stands to make a large saving on both sharpening and frustration!

Laube make this claim:

The patented Laube lever strokes elimates clipper blades jamming up with hair, and getting dull. The Laube patented lever moves the cut hair out of the way from the teeth and sweeps wider in the stroke motion. That means Laube clippers cut more hair per stroke.


  • Fits all snap-on style blade brands.
  • Cool and quiet in operation
  • 4,000 – 10,000 SPM
  • 2,000 – 5,000 RPM
  • Compact size – only 7″ (17.7cm) long
  • Obstruction-free clipping
  • Fits all vacuum systems
  • Quick disconnect and swivel
  • Hardened ball-bearing motor with 5 Year Limited Warranty. for long-life and peace of mind Patented design, including jam-free lever
Quality of cut
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