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Our Roundup of The Best Elevated Dog Beds

We’ve reviewed and rated the best elevated dog beds that are available on the market today. We’ll show you how to choose the best raised dog bed for your breed and more specifically your pet pooch.

Every dog is different as are their needs. We’ll break down what we like about each raised dog bed and what we don’t. We’ll help you decide whether you need an extra large (for large dogs) or a smaller raised dog bed. Keep reading to find out more.

Many people purchase a raised dog bed for their pet pooch because they allow air to flow more freely than a stuffed dog bed. Helping your pup to regulate their temperature a little easier and it keeps them off the ground, keeping things comfortable and clean.

Painful joints cause pain for many senior dogs and those that have been involved in an accident. Even if your dog doesn’t have painful joints or arthritis, purchasing a raised dog bed before any issues arise is a great idea.

Dog beds raised off the floor are an ideal solution because the material and softer surface help to support your dog much better than either the ground or a stuffed bed, helping dogs when they stand up or lay down.

Think of buying a raised dog bed as an investment in your dogs health and wellbeing as well as keeping them snug on cold days and on hot days in the summer months, they can be outside and allow the air to circulate and travel much easier through a raised, mesh breathable fabric dog bed.

Our Top Elevated Dog Beds 

K&H Original Pet Cot Elevated Bed for Dogs/Cats, Large
Coolaroo Pet Bed (Large, Green)
Bedsure Raised Dog Bed Small - Elevated Waterproof Dog Bed With Mesh, Outdoor for Travel and Garden, Grey, 90x63x20cm
K&H Original Pet Cot Elevated Bed for Dogs/Cats, Large
Coolaroo Pet Bed (Large, Green)
Bedsure Raised Dog Bed Small – Elevated Waterproof Dog Bed With Mesh, Outdoor for Travel and Garden, Grey, 90x63x20cm
S, M, L
S, M, L
S, M, L
K&H Original Pet Cot Elevated Bed for Dogs/Cats, Large
K&H Original Pet Cot Elevated Bed for Dogs/Cats, Large
S, M, L
Coolaroo Pet Bed (Large, Green)
Coolaroo Pet Bed (Large, Green)
S, M, L
Bedsure Raised Dog Bed Small - Elevated Waterproof Dog Bed With Mesh, Outdoor for Travel and Garden, Grey, 90x63x20cm
Bedsure Raised Dog Bed Small – Elevated Waterproof Dog Bed With Mesh, Outdoor for Travel and Garden, Grey, 90x63x20cm
S, M, L

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How Have we Chosen Our List of Elevated Dog Beds?

We have taken as many factors as we can into account including:

Colours Available

Are They Chew Proof?

Sizes Available

Air Circulation

Material and breathable fabric

How Easy are They to Clean?


Want to know more about each of the above? Click here.

Let’s jump straight into our list of raised dog beds. Keep reading to find out more.

#1 K H Pet Products Raised Dog Bed - Elevated Cooling Pet Bed

Our Number 1 Best Elevated Dog Bed!

K&H Original Pet Cot Elevated Bed for Dogs/Cats, Large
  • Made of waterproof, 600 denier fabric
  • Helps pets stay cool with its mesh centre
  • Durable & tested for strength
  • Simple, tool-free assembly
  • Non-skid rubber feet

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We love this raised dog bed. It’s great for home or on the move because it’s so easy to assemble – you don’t need a single tool.

When we first started this list, we couldn’t quite catch our breathe at the 7000+ reviews that this elevated dog bed had and we were genuinely excited to see if it lived up to the hype!


It’s price point is amazing and just as good is the durable way this pet bed has been designed – using waterproof 600 denier nylon with double stitching and double backing for added strength – these raised dog beds can handle the weight of even the largest dogs.

We literally have nothing negative to say about this dog bed. Great prices, great sizes (we reviewed the large version), fantastic material and everyone of our dogs loved it! BUY IT!!


#2 Coolaroo Pet Bed Available in 3 Sizes

Second Best elevated dog bed

Coolaroo Pet Bed (Large, Green)
  • Flea and mite resistant
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty
  • HDPE fabric will avoid rot and water absorption
  • Lead free material
  • Black powder coated steel frame

Last update on 2023-12-09 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

One of the best features of this raised bed is that it’s available in 3 sizes and seven colours! Meaning no matter your favourite colour or sizes of dog, you’ll find something to suit. It’s also high quality and heavy duty.

Thanks to the breathable knitted fabric and it’s elevated position, these pet beds will definitely keep your dog cool thanks to the great air circulation of this elevated cooling pet bed.. 

This coolaroo elevated pet bed is really easily wiped and cleaned and will last longer and look better in the long run because it won’t tempt your pooch into biting or chewing it, unlike stuffed dog beds – being chew proof is great.

Another great selling point of the elevated pet bed is the fact you don’t need to wash it in the washing machine. So no fiddling, no struggling to remove its cover and then find a way to dry it. You hose it down with some soap and water and leave it to dry. Simples!

The HDPE fabric is water and rot-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the degradation and decay, of this raised bed and it’s great for indoor and outdoor use.

It sits about 20cm off the floor (about 8 inches off the ground), making it great for elder dogs with joints that hurt when getting up and down. It’s flat and offers great support for all sizes of dog. This really could have been the number 1 on our raised dog beds roundup.



#3 Bedsure Elevated Dog Bed for Small, Medium and Large Dogs

Best budget Raised Bed

Bedsure Raised Dog Bed Small – Elevated Waterproof Dog Bed With Mesh, Outdoor for Travel and Garden, Grey, 90x63x20cm
  • Small outdoor dog bed: 71cm(L)x63cm(W) (Mesh), 90cm(L)x63cm(W)x20cm(H) (Frame), up to 18 kg – Perfect for all breeds and ages of dogs and cats (easier for older pets to hop on or off)
  • Raised dog bed with skid-resistant feet,protects your floors from scratches and keeps the bed from sliding when your dog jumps on or off
  • BEDSURE elevated dog bed (20cm Off the ground) lifts your doggy pal off wet, muddy grass to keep him clean and cool
  • Pet hair, dirt and grime don’t cling to the tight mesh, you can hose the surface (tap water only) or hand wash with mild soap and let air dry
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for transport, including 1 mesh, 4 legs, 2 leg extension rods, 4 cross support extension rods, 4 screws and 1 hex key

Last update on 2023-12-09 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

For less than £25, you can pick up a small, medium or large version of this popular raised dog bed and considering it’s low price tag, it’s high quality and heavy duty.

We tested the extra large version with our husky and the whole family was happy.

It needs to be assembled and although we found it easy to assemble, there are reports of people finding it difficult and getting frustrated – tools are even provided.

The metal frame has a protective coat and didn’t rust or mark in the time that we tested it, which for clarity wasn’t overly long, so we cannot comment with good faith on this.

As stated, Doggy Planets husky loved this raised bed, it kept him comfortable and clean being outside and off the floor, making it a great elevated cooling pet bed.

The only other gripe we have with this raised dog beds is that our husky isn’t huge but when lying down – he made the bed look small!

There are also reviews stating that this #2 best raised dog cot isn’t chew proof :-/



#4 Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed

8000+ Reviews and counting!

veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed – Portable Raised Pet Cot with Washable & Breathable Mesh, No-Slip Rubber Feet for Indoor & Outdoor Use, Oversize Package, Large, Blue
  • Material: Textilene Mesh and Powder-Coated Steel. Size: 42″x30″x7″ (107x76x18 cm). Can hold a maximum weight of 150 pounds (68kg); Suitable for a normal adult German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Akita etc.
  • Floor No More! Sleeping with an elevated dog bed is more comfortable, cleaner, dryer, and healthier compared to the ground. Stay cool in peak summer or cozy in the wintertime!
  • A breathable mesh center allows warm body heat to escape from your dog’s underside, keeping them cool while they relax in the heat. Textilene fabric features UV stabilization, heat-resistance, waterproof, and breathability.
  • Easy to Assemble! No screws and wrenches needed. The dog bed can be directly installed by using the plug-in. Lightweight and portable. Perfect for indoor, outdoor, picnic, camping, training… Quality sleep on the go!
  • Say Goodbye to Anxiety! Our dog bed is composed of powder-coated steel tube, durable textilene fabric, and non-skid rubber feet. Strong stability and high load-bearing capacity means saying goodbye to the fear of a sudden bed collapse.

Last update on 2023-12-09 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

With over 8000 reviews – 85% of them positive, it’s easy to see how this elevated dog bed has made it onto our buyers guide.

Available in 4 different sizes (S, M, L and XL) and 9 different colours, the Veehoo offers the largest choice. This is great if you’re trying to match decor and even better, you should be able to find a size that’s suitable for your pet canine!

Fabric is easy to clean, it’s very similar to the textiline used for garden chairs.

This Dog bed also differs from the others in this list because you can purchase replacement covers – meaning it’s a little more futureproof than some of the other raised dog beds.



#5 Bunty Elevated Dog Beds

Bunty Elevated Dog Bed Portable Waterproof Outdoor Raised Camping Pet Basket – Large
  • Available in sizes – SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE.
  • Crafted using rust resistant coated stainless steel.
  • Weave fabric encourages airflow beneath and through bed, perfect for those hot summer months!
  • Raise your pet off the cold floor during winter months to prevent cold related aches and pains.

Last update on 2023-12-09 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

And – we’ve made it to the final raised dog bed in our list. It may come in at #5 but this is still a fantastic choice and is really, really well made and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The dog bed is constructed using a high tensile strength durable material supported by a reinforced frame of stainless steel. This means this raised bed can be used comfortably outdoors (great for camping or long trips to the park) or indoors.



Choosing The Best Raised Dog Bed

We’ve done most of the heavy lifting for you and whittled hundreds of raised dog beds down to our top 5 raised dog beds.

We understand that even with our buyers guide, there are lots of options and decisions to make and we all want the best raised bed for our pooches.

We’ve listed a few more things that you should consider before purchasing a raised bed;


When making a choice in choosing your raised bed, the fabric and material should be at the top of your list.

Most people purchase an elevated dog bed because they want their dogs to stay cool, clean and to be comfortable.

Unlike conventional stuffed dogs beds (that are a hotbed for bacteria, germs, mold and mildew), a raised dog bed are much easier to keep clean and bacteria free (including mold and mildew).

Air Flow

Ensure that the bed you choose has easy clean fabric and allows maximum air flow and breathability.

If your dog spends lots of time outdoors, choosing a bed that’s waterproof would be a good choice – this make transportation and cleaning an absolute breeze.

You also want the fabric of the bed to be lightweight, so that moving it from one place to another is easy. 

A breathable mesh fabric on an elevated dog bed is also fantastic with supporting older dogs (or dogs that are injured) with arthritis.

Accessibility and Portability

Ask yourself – will I be transporting my dog bed for example moving it outdoors, taking it to the park, camping etc?

If you are considering moving it around, take into consideration how easy they are to assemble and move.

Raised beds are also fantastic for older dogs because of the support they offer but you’ll also want something easily cleaned incase there’s an ‘accident’.

This brings us on nicely to our next factor.

Easily Cleaned

Having something easily cleaned, really is a must. It keeps your dog clean and bacteria free.

If you’re not used to raised beds and you’ve used a conventional stuffed dog bed, you’ll know just how dirty they can get, they’re a hot bed for bacteria. 

The great news is that all of the beds on our list are easy cleaned, meaning easier maintenance and less hassle all round.

If your pet pooch has allergies and/or sensitive skin, you’ll want to ensure the fabric stays clean removing irritants and easing allergies.


From their frames to the materials used (and not used), an elevated dog bed are usually much tougher and durable than a standard cushion filled bed. 

Raised beds frames are typically made of metal or steel and are often powder coated.

The mesh fabric of raised beds also last longer because your dog won’t have the ability to rip it apart with their fangs.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying a Raised Dog Bed?

As discussed above -a raised dog bed is designed to be water resistant and extremely easy to get clean resulting in better hygiene.

The mesh fabric also supports your dogs body much better, so if you have an older canine or your pooch suffers with arthritis, a raised dog bed could be perfect.

They also suit busy and active lifestyles. Want to go camping? No problem, bring your elevated dog bed with you. Our dog beds are perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage.

More about outdoor usage. Many of the elevated dog beds have waterproof materials and fabrics, resulting in easy maintenance and making them perfect for outdoor use.

Elevated Dog Beds Last Longer

It’s true! These best elevated dog beds don’t have any stuffing or cushions. So they’re not as attractive to chew for your dog. Chew proof = Less chewing and more dog sleeping.

Also, having less pieces sewn together means there are fewer weak points meaning utter destruction by your dog is much less likely.

Teach Your Dog to Use Their Raised Dog Bed

So, you’ve bought the very best elevated pet bed. It’s tough, sturdy, durable – looks great and it’s so easy to keep it safe and clean BUT, your doggy won’t use?

If you don’t train your pup how to use it, don’t be surprised if they sleep on the floor or attempt to use your sofa. As with almost everything in the pet world (especially in the doggy world), teaching and training takes patience and determination.

Here are a few simple tips to get you on your way;

The “up” command

Always begin by teaching your dog the” up” command. The “up” command utilises dangling a treat in front of your dog to get their attention. Showing your dog, the ” up” command will generally bring your pup to the foot of the bed’s elevated platform.

Your pet’s natural response is going to be to stand up on both back legs and attempt to achieve the treat with its nose. You will want to move the treat further over to the centre of the bed; your dog will follow the treat and eventually jump onto the bed.

Repeat this so that your dog will associate jumping up onto the bed with receiving a treat.

The “down” command

All dogs should be trained to react to a “down” command. This is important because you want your dog to presume that the down command suggests going to sleep.

The “bed” command

As soon as your puppy has completely comprehended the significance of the command “up”, you should begin training it to respond to the order “bed” or” bedtime” or” night night”, whichever you prefer.

The goal here would be to teach your puppy that it is time for the bed.

Put it all together

Now you can begin training your puppy on how to utilise the dog bed correctly. The first command will be “bed”. Your dog, hopefully, will immediately go to the foot of their bed.

Then you’ll issue the “up” command with the use of a treat, to get your pooch onto the bed.

Then lastly, the “down” command, hinting at going to sleep. Ultimately your dog sleeping in their dog cot is one of the goals of this roundup.

Practice makes perfect!

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